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 A journey to become a better man

A self awareness book, planner and guide for masculinities development


themes are guided by
Sun, Moon e Zodiac

content inspired by
The Hero's Journey

rituals e wisdoms 
for men

and provoking

self monitoring 
to deepen  
e emoções

planner to
organise and

*Image from the Portuguese version

Take your self-knowledge work to the next level

Solar Journey book & planner works as self-awareness tool, a guide for men to walk their own path of becoming more wholesome human beings. 

With a Solar Journey in hand, you are well equiped to the adventurous journey of knowing and mastering oneself. 

A few things you can do with the Solar Journey:

- Expand your knowledge in different areas such as masculinities, facts and data about the patriarchal social structure, psychology, male physiology, natural cycles, astrology, archetypes, mythology, shamanism and much more. 


- Endeavour on a self-knowledge journey, connect with your body, emotions and be able to expand your awareness about yourself in well structured and safe way.

- Find purpose and act towards it. The journey planner is a great tool to organize, execute and celebrate the goals and objectives you design for yourself. The self-monitoring will assist you to not lose sight of your progress and the Dragon Dreaming format will make things clear and fun, making sure you will celebrate every achievement. 

- Connect to a network of support an like minded men through private community and the solar circles, which are live men's groups that happen every month.

The book brings a vast and diverse amount of content. There are many topics about masculinities to support men with knowing their inner cycles, connect with their emotions and expressing them, have a better understanding of the plural dynamics and forms of masculinity and the pathways through which men are reconstructing their identities.

We use the Sun as our guide on the journey throughout the year, aligned with the cycles of the moon and the steps of the Hero's Journey, developed by mythologist Joseph Campbell. All beautifully organised and filled with images to make it more visual and easier to understand. 

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Solar Journey is for every man who:

  • are interested in self-knowledge and self-mastery.

  • wants to be a better man for himself and his loved ones.

  • would like to enjoy better relationships.

  • wants to find their true purpose in life.

  • is struggling with mental health and relationships.

  • wants better understand about masculinities and how to be a better man.

  • would like to expand their awareness about challenges and the social issues men face around the world.

  • wants to have a great tool to facilitate their journey of self-awareness and growth

  • is tired of mediocracy and wants more from life and from himself.

  • wants to balance their feminine and masculine energies.

  • wants to know themselves in a deeper level and are brave enough to face their own fears and shadows.

  • wants to cause a positive impact on people and society in general.

  • wants to have fun while becoming a better human being!

Solar Journey is for every women who:


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  • is interested in connecting with their masculine energies.

  • wants to comprehend and integrate the masculine universe.

  • believes that the work of self-knowledge developed and practiced by men is necessary.

  • wants to cause a positive impact on people and society in general.

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What are the men's cycles?

To investigate our cycles, we chose the Sun as a guide, which over the centuries has been associated with our masculine side.

 The Sun will show us 
the paths through 13 steps.
Each step with a theme to reflect and develop.

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It is for every man who wants
 to know himself better  in a transformative and
inclusive way.

What do you want to
improve on yourself?

What parts of yourself do you
need to rescue?

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Supportive Network

Even if the process of looking
within gets heavy and lonely, be sure that
 you are not alone  on this journey.

Thousands of men are in this process. We are a group, a community. We are the change we want to see in the world and in ourselves.


We are already  thousands of men  

living this journey






A journey for  men who want to evolve